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Sci-Fi Concept Art – Alien Civilizations

Sci-Fi Concept Art - Alien Civilizations - HD Wallpaper. This is my latest design for this week. Here's the story behind this image below.

Adam slowly stepped out of the landing pod and looked at the spires. The pulsating light from these structures was visible from orbit and the strange sounds emanating from them gave Adam the chills. But this was no time to be afraid.

The other team members were already exploring down in the valley below and it was time for him to join them.

“Hey Adam, I see you’ve landed. Come down from the hill. We’ve found something inside here.”

Richard, his second in command, was already near one of the spires.

“What did you find Richard?” Adam asked.

“Don’t know how to describe it. You’ll need to see it for yourself.”

“Alright Richard. I’m on my way. Over and out.”

Who created these strange spires? Well that’s what Adam and his exploration team were here to find out.

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