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Alien Visitors – HD Wallpaper

Alien Visitors - HD Wallpaper. For this design, I wrote a short story. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

On the hills of Mar-Sara, Jacob parked his bike and took in the view. It was another beautiful day for riding his motorbike and hiking. He took a deep breath of the cool misty air and felt grateful to not be trapped in a pressure suit.

Jacob was one of the members of his survey team and this planet, the one given the name Mar-Sara was a paradise, compared to Old-Earth. The smog, the crowds and the hardship of living on Old-Earth were all but a distant memory now. His team was the first of twelve survey teams to find this planet - and this was the chance that humanity so desperately needed, to start over.

Jacob began walking down the hill, to survey the area in more detail and collect samples.

But then he heard a rumbling sound.

“Was that thunder?” Jacob said to himself, as he looked towards the sky.

Then he saw it. Three massive objects were slowly descending, and the sight of these strange objects made Jacob stop in his tracks.

“What are these things? Some sort of Alien Ships?” Jacob thought, as he pulled his Vid-Cam out from his pocket to record the event. Jacob was familiar with the designs and markings of many human starships - and these ships, Jacob concluded, were certainly not of human origin.

“Everyone needs to see this.” Jacob quickly switched his Vid-Cam to LiveStream Mode so that everyone in the survey team could witness the arrival of these Alien Starships.

What are these aliens and why are they here? Jacob would be the first human, of the colony planet Mar-Sara, to find out.

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