Here are scenes of Pyra and Lucia spending the night in the village of Beldara.

NOTE: there is a special scene of Pyra, Lucia and Michelle taking a night-time bath in the backyard.
You can view this special scene in the Private Blog. Enjoy 🙂

Scene 1 - Pyra and Lucia announce their arrival into the village of Beldara. The Tower Guards acknowledge their arrival.

Scene 2 - Michelle greets her new-found GIANT friends to her father, Odin. Odin and Lucia strike up a conversation and enjoy each other's company. Meanwhile, Alex is getting another snuggle from Pyra.

Scene 3 - Alex has had enough of Pyra's playful snuggling and quickly goes to his room before she strips off his armor. The others laugh at his antics.

Scene 5 - After their bath, Michelle gets some night-time clothes for her GIANT guests. Michelle is an excellent seamstress and her custom-made collection of clothes for GIANTS fit well on Pyra and Lucia.

NOTE: for the bath scene (scene 4) go to my Private Blog.

Scene 6 - While the others are sleeping, Lucia and Odin have a lengthy private conversation in the garden. Lucia definitely enjoys Odin's company.

Scene 7 - After her pleasurable conversation with Odin, Lucia wonders what Odin would be like - if he were a GIANT. The thought gets her ... aroused 🙂

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