big bodacious barbarians title screen 1

Big Bodacious Barbarians – Game Title Screen 1

This is my first title screen for my game, Big Bodacious Barbarians. This is my first major game project and it will take a few years to complete. I've placed an overview of the story below.

The world of Arthanus. A world of might, magic and mystery - where the scales of good and evil can be easily swayed in one direction or another. It is a world of MANY species, including Humans, WarOrkz, NymphElves, Dragons and GIANTS.

Twenty years ago in the village of Lydar, two sisters were born. Pyra and Lucia. Their father, Rodan, trained them in the ways of battle, as is expected of all children of GIANTS. Then one day, Rodan left the village to do battle against a Great Evil Dragon.

Pyra and Lucia continued their training with other members of the village for the next ten years.

Twenty years after their birth, Pyra and Lucia are now standing at nine feet tall and are ready to embark on their own quest. To defeat evil wherever it may be found, to find their missing father and to claim worthy husbands.

I'll be posting new updates every week as I develop the game. Have a look at the video below to see how I developed this artwork. Enjoy 🙂

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