Welcome to Concept Art VL

The Concept Art VL Blog is a showcase for my graphic design, concept art and game development projects. Enjoy 🙂
fur affinity

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Download the Alpha Prototype here.

Current Project: Big Bodacious Barbarians

This is my current project: Big Bodacious Barbarians. This game is both a Visual Novel and a Turn Based RPG.  There’s no official release date for this game as yet, but more content is added on a daily basis. Its running on the Game Creator Engine with all of my custom content.

Big Bodacious Barbarians New Title Screen

ABOUT ConceptArtVL

I create concept art for various projects and I’m currently working on my game:

My favorite program is PHOTOSHOP. I enjoy using Photoshop for painting and heavy photobashing.

Besides Photoshop, I enjoy building and modifying environments using Vue 3D, FlowScape, Blender and Unreal. I also enjoy using Daz Stutio for building characters for my environments.

no to ai generated images

ABOUT so-called “A.I. Art”

I have no interest in the A.I. “Art” fad – and I take no part in that stuff. If you want to spend all day, typing prompts and call yourself an artist, well whatever, have your fun – but just don’t come at me with that because I simply do not care.

I also do not entertain any discussions about A.I. “Art” on this website or on any of my other portals. If you try to berate me with it, I’ll just simply ignore you. If you have a problem with my stance on this topic – you are free to go somewhere else.