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The Concept Art VL Blog is a showcase for my graphic design, concept art and game development projects. Enjoy 🙂
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Current Project: Big Barbarian Woman (Arthanus Chronicles: Vol 1)

This is my current project: Big Barbarian Woman. Join Maven Arya in this side-scroller beat-em-up, as she embarks on her quest for retribution against the Hordes of Evil.  Currently in early development, there’s no official release date. Sign up to the weekly newsletter for updates.

BBW Big Barbarian Woman

Future Project: Big Bodacious Barbarians (Arthanus Chronicles: Vol 2)

I’ve already setup the framework for this future project. This game is currently both a Visual Novel and a Turn Based RPG – but that gameplay structure may change.  There’s no official release date for this game.


ABOUT ConceptArtVL

I create concept art for various projects and I’m currently working on my games: BIG BARBARIAN WOMAN and BIG BODACIOUS BARBARIANS !

My favorite program is PHOTOSHOP. I enjoy using Photoshop for painting and heavy photo editing.

Besides Photoshop, I enjoy building and modifying environments using Vue 3D, FlowScape and Blender. I also enjoy using Daz Stutio for building characters for my environments.

no to ai generated images

ABOUT “A.I. Art”

I have no interest in the “A.I. Art” drama – and I take no part in that stuff. I create my own artwork with the programs mentioned above. “A.I. Art” has too much drama – and I want absolutely no part in that drama. Did I make it clear that I want no part in that drama?

I also do not entertain any discussions about “A.I. Art” on this website or on any of my other portals. If you try to berate me with it, I’ll just simply ignore you. If you have a problem with me ignoring your “A.I. Art” drama, you are free to go somewhere else.