Welcome to Concept Art VL

The Concept Art VL Blog is a showcase for my graphic design, concept art and game development projects. Enjoy 🙂
fur affinity

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Download the Alpha Prototype here.

Current Project: Big Bodacious Barbarians

This is my current project: Big Bodacious Barbarians. This game is both a Visual Novel and a Turn Based RPG.  There’s no official release date for this game as yet, but more content is added on a daily basis. Its running on the Game Creator Engine with all of my custom content.

Big Bodacious Barbarians New Title Screen

ABOUT ConceptArtVL

I create concept art for various projects and I’m currently working on my game:

My favorite program is PHOTOSHOP. I enjoy using Photoshop for painting and heavy photobashing.

Besides Photoshop, I enjoy building and modifying environments using Vue 3D, FlowScape, Blender and Unreal. I also enjoy using Daz Stutio for building characters for my environments.

no to ai generated images

ABOUT so-called “A.I. Art”

I absolutely despise the A.I. fad – and I take no part in that nonsense. If all you’re doing is typing prompts and calling yourself an artist – then you’re NOT – you just know how to type.

I do NOT entertain any discussions about so-called “A.I. Art” on this website or any of my other portals. If you have a problem with my stance on this topic – you are free to go somewhere else.