Any user visiting this website (ConceptArtVL.com) must abide by these terms.

  • The terms "this site" and "this website" all refer to ConceptArtVL.com.
  • The word "content" refers to everything that is hosted on this website (ConceptArtVL.com) - not just the artwork.
  • The phrase "content (artwork)" refers specifically to artwork.
  • The content (artwork) provided to you from this website is protected by International Copyright Law.

The terms below describe what you can and cannot do with content downloaded from ConceptArtVL.com.

Use Of Content:

The sole use of content from this website is strictly for personal use only - for your own personal desktop or mobile device.

Without my explicit written permission, you CANNOT:

  • Use my content in your business identity (such as business cards, logos, websites, graphics, etc).
  • Use my content in book or CD covers.
  • Use my content in graphics for your business.
  • Sell my content in any way.
  • Use my content on a website that brings you profit (such as business site, auction, etc) or represent your organization (even not-for-profit).
  • Publish links to ConceptArtVL.com files linked exclusively for members to download anywhere (including your blog, forums, etc).
  • Use my content in any way without giving credit to ConceptArtVL.com.
  • Use my content as part of (or decoration of) your design studio, portfolio, etc.
  • Use my content as part of a design that you will sell to others.
  • Use my content in HTML templates (such as WordPress themes, etc), Flash templates or other redistributable web products (free or paid).

Refund Policy:

By choosing to become a member of ConceptArtVL.com, you accept that there will absolutely be no refunds for membership fees. You accept that you will never request a refund, either via this website or via our payment processor. However, as a registered member, you can cancel your membership at any time in your Membership Area.

When you sign up for a Membership account, you get access to high-quality images and other exclusive files from ConceptArtVL.com. However, getting a Membership account does not change any of the terms provided above.

Updated: 20 Jul 2022.